Bhutan is something of an enigma in the modern world. It is fiercely proud of its ancient traditions while trying to manage its integration into the twenty first century. Both well known and yet rarely visited Bhutan offers something very unique to the traveller, Buddhist temples, a riot of demons, gods and colour, stunning vistas of Himalayan peaks and deep, steep sided valleys, and a somewhat shy but lovely people who are always happy to share.

Cycling in Bhutan brings all this to the visitor and more. There are very few roads and very little traffic, long climbs to prayer flag adorned passes, equally long descents on winding roads through forests and terraced valleys, and some of the most dramatic roads in Asia, sometimes literally cut out of a cliff face. Bhutan is one of the great cycling destinations of the world and yet most people think it is too hard or too expensive to visit. We are here to change all that.